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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Lee Webb

    Chris, the DesignBuzz link doesn't work.

  • Rachel

    Really nice roundup Chris, thanks :)

    Also @Lee I think that's more of an error on their end

  • Andrew Cairns

    Nice list again Chris, thanks for sharing!

  • imran khan

    Very nice indeed Chris!!! Specially Divvyshot and monkeyworks.

  • Uncleserb

    Cool list; cheers. My personal fave:


  • Zach Walsh

    Gotta go with Divvyshot as my fav. Beautiful and simple, but maybe I am just partial to the Nikon camera!

  • joddy street

    #1 Monkeyworks
    #2 Francesco Fonte

  • Sara Reffler

    I love the Divvyshot website – I'm so sad they're closing/merging with facebook because it's GORGEOUS to look at!

  • The Design Buzz

    Thanks Chris for featuring our site!!!

  • Stratos

    Monkeyworks rulez!


  • Franz

    Thanks Chris for quote :)

  • Malaysia Web Design

    I Love The Nikon camera! …

    Ha Ha Ha

  • Malaysia Web Design

    I Like The Nikon Camerra website …

    Ha ha ha

  • Pancho

    League gothic is THE trend of the month..