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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. Anna Green says:

    These are some nice examples of websites. I must say though they do all follow a very familiar trend, are they designed by the same person by any chance?

  2. Bril selection of sites thanks

  3. Adam Booth says:

    What an excellent selection of sites.

    Great for inspiration.

    Love the look and feel of all the sites. They are all packed with great modern design elements. 'Kyle Kramer' has used excellent textures and text effects. 'Squarespace' have used excellent illustrations. A detailed header and footer are pleasing on the eye and a minimal centre of the page separates the page up brilliantly. iGeekify have also used great illustrations to maximum effect.

    Great collection as always.

  4. Julian says:

    I like your selections, especially the iGeekify site–I love the ocean and boat artwork. Good inspiration!


  5. Dan Moat says:

    There's something about "Pop The Box" that bugs me, not sure if it's the colours… yet I love the general feel. I also think the footer with FB and Twitter should be on all the pages, I get to about and then want to see more and/or don't find the email form the best way of getting in touch and then I'm going back looking for it.

    Seeing as I have so much more bad to say about it, I guess SXSW and iGeekify are probably my joint winners this week.

  6. Philippe Alves says:

    I like all the patterns, color schemes, background textures and typography they used. Now, after saying all the magical technical terms, the one I like the most is… uhm… the… I love the… "Square-board-that-a-geek-named-Kyle-cramed-and-poped-out-of-the box"

  7. Pop the Box looks nice but it fails as a Website. The About us page says to “contact” them about their services but there is not link and as I look at the site, there is no cue as to how I would do this.

    I found out that Learn more is a contact form but it is not clearly labeled in the information architecture. Don't make people think. Label it “Contact us.”

  8. Tom says:

    Looks as if Kyle has made good use of your tutorials !!!

  9. Best collection yet good job putting them together

  10. Have to agree with the people who commented about the similarity in styles of the sites

  11. Sam Jones says:

    Nice collection. I'm loving the colours on Squarespace.

  12. Mike says:

    I do like the illustration on iGeekify.

  13. .. not very impressed, hmm.. boring in fact!

    Must say that the colorscheme and backgroundpattern of Pop The Box does catch the eye!

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao ..

  14. Sean O'Grady says:

    That font, Cyclone, needs to go far away.

    Horribly overused and very rarely used correctly.

    • Chantal says:

      I know what you mean about Cyclone. Same thing is happening with its parent font, Knockout – which can be strong when used properly. I think this is the fate lately of most H&FJ fonts (see Gotham and Archer)

  15. Adrian says:

    For me, nice design i think, good concept of site.

  16. designbyarm says:

    By the way I Love Bord :D

  17. Pop The Box & Squarespace are too really cool designs this week.

    I pretty much love all the examples here.

    It's what I look forward to every Friday, keep it up Chris!

  18. AliHM says:

    hi Chris Spooner
    your web very best

    please visit my tiny web :))


  19. Julie says:

    Nice collection of designs, my fave is Pop The Box due to the vibrant colours used. Very vibrant!

  20. asim craft says:

    very good collections of designs. check us out

  21. iamgaz says:

    Love the Squarespace site. Fantastically strong type treatment.

  22. Julian Laval says:

    Great, refreshing designs. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Heather says:

    There are similarities in them because I think many designers are striving for a minimalist approach – I know I try to unclutter my landing pages. For usability purposes you don't want folks to have to search through reams of bubbles and text and material to get to what they want. What you sacrifice though with a super minimalist approach is SEO because you need to have enough text on your page to include keywords/phrases at least a few times. For that reason I like the iGeekify site because it's got an awesome Chinese dragon wave graphic with enough space for text and a straightforward nav.

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