Line25 Sites of the Week for April 24th 2009

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The Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs. In this week’s collection, we have designs from the Humvee school program, Miro, Clear Left, Deluge Studios and Carbonica.

Humvee School Program

Humvee School Program

The Humvee School Program is an initiative that engages students with the technology and innovation behind the Humvee. The Humvee School Program site continues the robust style of the Hummer with a range of blocks populated with all kinds of cool paper textures, diagrams and photography. A great example of the rough and ready design style in web design.



Miro is a free HD video player for watching Internet TV in high definition. The Miro site is a clean and crisp layout with a nice interactive panel showcasing the various features of Miro. However my favourite part of the design is the collection of super cute sheep characters in the mid region of the page!

Clear Left

Clear Left

Clear Left are a team of user experience and web design consultants from Brighton, UK. Being renown in the industry for their attention to accessibility their site design not only looks great with stacks of white space and structured layout, but also features some great design trickery built completely with CSS.

Deluge Studios

Deluge Studios

Deluge Studios is a professional web design firm offering high quality web site design and development in Memphis, TN. The Deluge site features some unique styling, including an interesting grid based layout which compiles various aspects of the website together into single page.



Carbonica is a global brand who help fund reforestation and forest restoration programmes in Central America. With close connections to the earth and environment the Carbonica site design is made up of various textures and hand drawn elements, which together make a great collage-esque hand made design.

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. Mare Downs says:

    For the website designed-challenged but visually adept artist–can you create an informative article depicting what the difference is between designing for the web as CSS/ wordpress / flash or other coding? Articles contain this info and words are thrown out there (jQuery, drupal, Joomla, CAPTCHA Scripts, Javascript, Ajax, HTML+CSS+JS, blogs, microblogging, CMS content management system, (anything else you can think of) etc…) Is this possible to do?? I am trying to sort out what is the difference when sites are designed…what the difference is when I see it. (I need to “visually” see the difference) The choice between a blog site and a regular site (if there is such a thing) which can have images/audio/video…I realize a lot has to do with the behind the scenes coding and the programs used to do this magic…I have access to a lot of the free templates of CSS/Wordpress/PSD photoshop etc…and I’m not too sure what I should be doing with it or experimenting with it—-or take classes or just hire somebody to make it work. I realize there are designers and developers that do all this — it just would be nice for it to be spelled out visually for me so that I can relate and then have the insight to understand. Any information would be helpful..let me know if you can be of assistance.
    Mare Downs

  2. Alessio says:

    like the carbonica site. This site is an example of a perfect grunge design, where all the elements like texture, colors, handraw fonts, reflect perfectly the concept design.

  3. I love the carbonica site too, love the grungy effect with the paper merged with the simple vector style illustrations, great collection!

  4. Marie Wilkins says:

    I vote carbonica or humvee.

  5. T-Law says:

    Deluge Studios looks very nice.

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