Line25 Sites of the Week for April 10th 2009

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The Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs. In this week’s collection, we have designs from MailChimp, E-Systems Organizers, Vitor Lourenco, Duoh and Five Runs.



MailChimp is a popular do it yourself email marketing service. Making a prominent stance on the MailChimp homepage is my favourite element of the site – the awesome huge chimp mascot, who draws focus to the introductory video and screenshots.

E-Systems Organizers

eSystems Organizers

E-Systems Organizers offer services to open up fresh opportunities for businesses by finding solutions to time consuming inefficiencies. The E-Systems website takes the trend of large type to a whole new level, with a range of huge titles and sentences set in a cool slab-serif font, making heavy use of CSS image replacement techniques.

Vitor Lourenco

Vitor Lourenco

Vitor Lourenco us a User Experience Designer with over seven years experience. Vitor’s site has often been cited as a fantastic example of minimal design with its wealth of white space and light typography. The main area of featured work on the homepage is a great example of this, using subtle contrast and oversized elements to draw attention to the page.



Duoh is the home of designers Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele, where they offer their services in branding, illustration and web design. The design of the site continues their brilliant vector style of work with colourful lines and intricate patterns. What I personally love is how the complete web page is designed as one, allowing elements to flow between the content and background rather than having a clear-cut layout.

Five Runs

Five Runs

Five Runs is a Ruby on Rails application performance monitoring system. The Five Runs website is another great example of how characters can be combined, with fun hand-drawn figures scattered across the page and often interacting with the webpage elements.

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter.


  1. I love MailChimp’s design, well deserved on this list!

  2. Semblance says:

    I like browsing Duoh. When I saw it in the list I just had to browse it again.

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