50 Incredible Fonts Plus Extras for Just $29 – 96% Off!

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A brand new font bundle has just been released by TheHungryJpeg. The Big 50 Fonts Bundle contains 50 incredible fonts, plus extra design resources like textures, vectors and icons. The total retail value calculates at $850, but the entire collection can be picked up for just $29 (or $26.1 if you include the 10% tweet discount!) But hurry as there is just 1 week left on the sale, at which point the price goes back up. Continue reading to see an overview of all the fonts this big bundle contains, then head over to TheHungryJpeg to grab yourself a copy before the end of June.

Best Design News of the Week: June 19, 2015 – Line 25

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As a designer, you always have to stay updated and follow the latest design trends. In this new weekly roundup, we will be bringing you the best design news stories from around the web, starting with news from June 13 to June 19, 2015. To keep track of all the interesting designer news, you can check out Web Designer News site, a place where you’ll find your daily dose of design inspiration and read the newest designer stories.

Panton Font Family: 34 Weights + 816 Icons. Only $29

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If you’re looking to beef up your font library, then Panton has got you covered. This fabulous modern typeface includes 34 different fonts, made up of 9 uprights, 9 italics and a bonus 16 icon sets! Easy to read, Panton is a great choice for using on everything from T-shirts to posters, thanks to its real softened geometric nature. Make it your go-to font for headlines of any size, or even for text blocks too.