40 Infographics & Data Visualization Projects for Your Inspiration

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Have you ever wondered how often people use apps like Instagram? And of those people, how many actually share their photos on this app? Or have you asked yourself what are the most and least explored places in the world and what’s different and surprising about these places? Infographics present this information and more in a clear, fun, and animated way, and anybody can create them, whether you have a background in design or you’re a beginner. By using a variety of fonts, typography, charts, and graphics, you can create a one-of-a-kind infographic on a topic that interests you and share it with everyone else. It’s a fun and relatively simple project that you can work on in your free time, to practice some basic elements of design or share something of interest with your coworkers, friends, or a greater audience.

45 Professional Medical Website Designs & Templates You Can Learn From

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If you are in the medical field, or you’re a designer who’s working on building a website for a medical company, you’ll find these website themes highly useful. Medical websites stand out from the rest because they demand a different set of requirements and strategies in order to ensure new patient referrals, medical practice efficiency, and healthcare cost containment. Therefore, special attention must be placed on the design, especially the landing page, and the plugins used throughout the website that will enhance its usability.

Showcase: 40 Restaurant Identity Projects You’ll Be Inspired By

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Coming up with a unique image for a business can be challenging and intimidating, especially for those who aren’t very artistically inclined. Trying to create a logo, menu, or any other kind of design can be stressful, time consuming, and ineffective, especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. When it comes to food, everything must be in perfect harmony, and the logo for a restaurant must encompass everything, from the restaurant’s vision, to the ingredients that they use, to the food that they serve. Bad designs can give a restaurant a bad reputation and an unfriendly, uninviting vibe, therefore, designers must pay close attention to every little detail.

40 Incredibly Realistic iOS Icon Designs

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There are some great examples of iOS icon designs out there, from the simple, minimalistic, clean designs, to the incredibly detailed ones… and then there are some that are just insanely realistic. Whether you’re a developer or you’re simply interested in any kind of design, or even if you’re just a beginner designer who would like to learn new techniques and tips on how to create more realistic designs, this article will surely surprise and inspire you, and, hopefully, even help you with future design projects!

40 Personal Branding Projects for Web & Graphic Designers

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In the world of web design, it’s crucial that you become someone that others will remember by more than just your achievements – you need a name that will remind the world about who you are and what it is that you do best. Personal branding is one of the toughest undertaking for a web or graphic designer. After all your hard work, you would expect people to already know who you are. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that unless you come up with a catchy name and slogan, and if you’re not willing to make connections and be active on social media websites as well as in your community, you won’t be remembered for long.

45 Menu Design Projects for Creative & Fun Restaurants

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If you’re in the restaurant business, you probably know that creativity is the key to keeping your customers happy. This is true of the food that you serve, as well as the designs used around your restaurant, which should both be distinct from your competitors’. Menus are one thing that you can design quickly and easily, and the better the design, the more food you’ll sell and the more successful your business will be. Whether you’re an artistic person or a beginner, rest assured that you can create a beautiful menu in no time, effortlessly.