Showcase of Beautifully Bright & Colorful Web Designs

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As well as immediately grabbing your attention, bright colour schemes can also help elicit happy emotions from your viewer. There’s a massive spectrum of colours available to web designers working in RGB, which means website designs often boast some beautifully bright and vibrant hues. Today’s showcase rounds up over 30 intense designs that are made with extremely saturated colours.

25 Fun Web Designs Featuring Creative Illustrations

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Photography is often used to set the mood in a website design, but illustrations are what really add character to a site. Today’s web design showcase features 25 fun websites that all boast colourful and bold illustration work in various styles, including flat landscapes, cute characters and detailed cartoons.

Creative Uses of Animated GIFs to Present UI Designs

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With the abundance of gestures and animations being implemented into mobile apps designers are facing the tricky problem of how you present these UI concepts. Storyboards and static screenshots don’t show any dynamism, whereas wireframes are visually plain and boring. There is one solution that seems to be catching on; the reinvention of the animated GIF. Today’s post rounds up 20 creative examples of how the traditional GIF is now being used to create some amazing UI concepts, presenting the design not only in full colour, but also with all the transitions, gestures and animations of a completed app.

10 Free Icon Packs Each Containing Over 100 Icons

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It’s always nice to find free icon packs being shared by generous designers, but let’s face it, many of them contain so few icons they can’t really be used in any real world projects. For today’s roundup post I’ve scoured the web for the biggest free collections of icons, all containing over 100 designs each. These packs have plenty of images to choose from to represent the various actions in your UI designs.

25 Cool Website Designs from the Apparel Industry

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I’ve noticed a lot of apparel companies being featured in web design galleries recently, which makes sense because these small indie companies are often run by creative designers, illustrators and artists. They might be small companies compared to the mainstream high street stores, but the character of their online presence really makes them stand out. Today’s web design showcase features 25 cool websites from the apparel industry that all boast modern creative designs. Expect to find large processed photography, edgy designs and unusual layouts!

Showcase of Trendy Hipster Style Website Designs

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Hipsters are described as valuing vintage styles, disconnecting themselves from mainstream trends and commonly being involved in the creative industries. If website designs could be described as being hipsters, this showcase features some perfect examples! They all boast a retro or vintage theme; many of them pioneer unusual web design ideas and techniques; and they’re almost all representing the creative industries that accommodate this cool culture of.