20 Web Designs with Creative Hand Drawn Typography

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Of all the canvases available to designers and illustrators, websites designs are probably the last place you would expect to find hand drawn typography, seeing as web design at its core is very mathematical with interfaces crafted in code. Rather than make use of web fonts and digital layouts, some designers express their creativity by using hand crafted elements in their work to add character to a design. Today’s post showcases 20 websites that are all made with hand drawn components, particularly hand crafted typography.

Breaking Up With Your Clients The Mathematical Way

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If you’ve been in the web design game for a while, you’ve probably recognized a few immutable truths: 1) Clients can be exceedingly hard to come by, and 2) Many of the clients you do get are evil on a very basic level. While nearly all clients are a kind, patient, understanding bunch, the few that aren’t can be devastating to your stress level, and your business. If there’s an 80/20 rule for dealing with web design clients, it’s that 20% of your clients will suck 80% of your soul (and then some).

Line25 Sites of the Year: The Best Designs of 2014

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Every week of 2014 I’ve showcased the best website designs I discovered during my every day web browsing. This special end of year post features the best of the best, pulling together the awesomest designs from all 2014 Sites of the Week posts into one showcase of super cool web designs. Which design was is your favourite?

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ruby on Rails

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During the last ten years, Ruby on Rails has grown to become an increasingly popular solution for building web apps. In our rapidly changing technological environment and shaky economy, RoR can speed up the development process and help companies save time and money. Today, the knowledge of Ruby can land you great jobs – there are lots of interesting projects and quite lucrative positions out there that involve this language. And Rails is there to help you make the most of it.

20 Great Examples of Subtle Motion in Web Design

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Two modern technologies of CSS/JS animation and HTML5 video allow designers to add awesome motion effects to their web designs, common examples being large background videos or web elements that move into place. These effects don’t always have to be so obvious though, which today’s featured websites prove. Subtle motion and animation can really enhance a design without being too distracting. Check out these 20 web designs that make use of clever video loops, animated objects and particle effects.

Showcase of Web Designs with Epic Landscape Photos

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I’ve featured the trend of landscape photos in web design a couple of times over the past year or two, but this trend is going so strong there’s plenty more fresh examples to present. In today’s showcase I share a collection of website designs that all feature epic landscape photos in their headers and backgrounds. Admire these awesome scenes of nature comprising of rocky mountains, grassy fields and blue skies.