14 Ideas to Make Your Websites Stand Out

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Picture this: You’re going to a big event, every person who can change your life would be there, and a lot is riding on how you present yourself. After all it’s about first impressions. So you pick out a sleek outfit, complement it with great formal shoes, dab on some perfume, wear a classy watch and feel like a million bucks. Your confidence is at its peak. You’re at the door of the venue of the event, you pull yourself up, back straight, head held confidently high and you’re going to slay! So you step into the room and…everyone else is wearing the same outfit as you.

20 Parallax Scrolling Tutorials Every Designer Must Read

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Parallax scrolling is a fantastic new trend in web design that, if used properly, will make your website stand out beautifully. Parallax scrolling refers to the effect created by having the background move at a slower pace than the foreground as you’re scrolling down a webpage. This effect creates an illusion of depth that draws the viewer in as they are navigating through a website. It’s quite lovely and it will make your website infinitely more interesting and easy to navigate!

50 Free & Premium HTML5 Templates for Any Taste and Budget

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What should you better choose for your site – a free or a premium HTML 5 template? This is an ongoing dispute that makes millions of people hesitant on the best ready-made solution for their sites. Well, tastes differ, as much as the purpose of downloading a website template. Some need html5 templates for educational purposes, while others look for an affordable and fully packed option for their personal or business websites. Taking all this into consideration, we have decided to make up a compilation of 50 HTML5 website templates, which includes both free and premium HTML5 templates. Varying in their style and functionality, all of these designs are beautiful and user-friendly. Just pick any and see it for yourself!

2016 Web Design Trends: Showcase of 45 Websites

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The world of web design is constantly evolving, with new trends coming and going all the time. As people rely on technology more and more, and use websites for shopping online and for advertisement purposes, it’s imperative that they work properly and that they have an attractive interface. The year 2016 promises some really cool web design trends for beautiful, user-friendly, highly responsive websites that aim to optimize user experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers, to smartphones and tablets.

Top Font Pairing Tools And Font Combinations

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Unless you want a boring website, you will have to incorporate a variety of font combinations, in addition to other interesting imagery, designs, and effects. There are so many cool fonts out there; who says you have to choose just one? You can mix and match until you find the right combination that stands out the most, and the best part – you don’t have to do it on your own if you’d rather not. We found some great examples and tools to help you achieve a distinct look when designing your website.