30 Websites That Greet You with a Full Screen Photo

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We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, well that notion is certainly true with today’s showcase of website designs. These sites greet the user with a huge full screen photo which not only introduces the site and sets the scene, it can also create an emotional connection with the viewer to attract their attention. Check out this collection of 30 fantastic website designs which all feature a minimal landing page with little content other than beautiful photography.

Showcase of Creative “Meet the Team” About Pages

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About pages are one of the most important aspects of any website. They provide the opportunity to give our site and company a human touch and allow users to put a face to the name. Freelancer about pages are simple, it all about you! But agencies often need to introduce many people who form a team. This post showcases over 15 creative examples of “Meet the Team” style About pages which provide images and background information for each employee.

20 Free PSDs to Mockup Your App Interface Designs

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Presentation is key when it comes to showing off your design work. No matter whether you’re presenting your designs to a client or showcasing your latest work in your portfolio, mocking up the artwork to simulate its intended use can really add those finishing touches and boost its value. Today’s roundup is a collection of useful PSD mockup templates specifically for showing off your iOS app designs.

Showcase of Web Designs Based on a Desk Top View

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The idea of replicating a desk top view has been around for years but it’s much less common in the aftermath of the skeuomorphism revolt. Still, there’s a hand full of designs that really pull off this style, either through the use of photography or complete layouts made to mimic a desk or table top. Are there any great examples you know of that I’ve missed?

The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design

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We’ve seen the use of solid colours increase through the adoption of the flat design trend, but these hues are becoming increasingly vibrant following the release of iOS7 and the colourful iPhone 5C. Dazzling RGB colours are becoming more popular in the latest website designs, with saturation levels at an all time high. This post rounds up a collection of over 20 great examples of the growing trend of super saturated background colors in web design.

Web Design Inspiration from WordPress Theme Demos

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We all enjoy browsing web design galleries and showcases of fresh layouts for ideas and inspiration, but there’s a whole world of amazing designs we probably overlook. WordPress themes are often constructed with beautiful layouts but they’re hidden away on the theme’s demo. This post rounds up a collection of some of the most inspiring web designs from those brilliant WordPress themes.