Showcase of Super Saturated Colors in Web Design

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I’ve noticed recently that we’re starting to see some super saturated colours in modern web design. I previously documented the rising trend of bright flat colors in web design, but today’s post extends the list of designs constructed with cranked up colours from the top end of the RGB spectrum. Make sure you have your shades handy, this is a collection of some seriously bright sites!

20 Free Social Media Icon Sets to Use on Your Website

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The logos of social websites such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube are amongst the most widely used icon designs on our websites. Save time in your future projects with this handy roundup of over 20 different packs, each containing loads of popular social icons with various styles. I’ve carefully picked out the best free packs I could find, weeding out any sets that are now outdated due to Twitter’s ever changing bird logo.

20 Powerful Dark Websites for Design Inspiration

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While bright flat website designs are continuing to illuminate our screens and sometimes burn our retinas, some designers are taking the opposite route and creating powerful website designs with dark, subdued colour palettes. These designs have a kind of seductive presence that draws you in, often with black and white photography to capture a certain emotion. This post rounds up over 20 beautiful dark web designs making use of black backgrounds, subtle hues and dramatic monochrome images.

Showcase of Beautiful Super Minimal Website Designs

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The modern day web is all about grabbing your attention, force feeding content and serving up as many ads as possible, so it’s always refreshing to land on a website that has been stripped back to its bare essentials. Today’s showcase of websites features 20 minimal designs that don’t use gimmicks or loud colours, these sites have been lovingly crafted with the basic design principles to allow the content to shine through.

20 Web Designs with Stunning Video Backgrounds

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The video background trend in web design is definitely still hot. I first featured roundups of website designs using full screen video background and video headers back in Spring, but I’ve stumbled across loads more designs making us of this new capability. This post rounds up 20 more fresh examples of websites that have adopted a stunning video background to introduce the site with motion pictures.

20 Web Designs with Subtle Grain Texture Backgrounds

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While minimal flat style designs are the current hot trend, some designers are eliminating solid blocks of colour from their designs with the use of subtle textures. The use of grainy textures really helps give a design a tactile appearance and fits perfectly with designs using an old school or retro style. This post showcases 20 websites which are perfect examples of grain texture use. These sites don’t take texturing to the extreme, but the grainy backgrounds really help add subtle details to the design.