8 Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog + 20 Inspiring Examples

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In less than 20 years, blogs have turned from simple online journals into one of the most significant aspects of social networking. Back when it was first implemented, a blog used to be a great way for a journalist or a news reporter to write an independent column that is available for anyone on the web to read. But in the course of time, blogging has come to serve some additional purposes.

The Best 10 Multipurpose WordPress Themes

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A Multipurpose WordPress theme is always a good choice for whatever type or style of website you build. Multipurpose themes really serve you well when you have to satisfy a difficult client. A top 10 multipurpose theme may in fact be your only reasonable choice.

45 Professional Small Business Website Templates

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This template collection includes 45 professional small business website templates you can easily customize for your business and launch in less than an hour!

Small businesses need all the help they can get and must be resourceful to stay afloat. Having small budgets at the beginning, makes cutting costs wherever you can, absolutely crucial! Make sure your big ideas are cost-efficient and take into account the industry changes, cash flow, customer needs and other unexpected challenges.

35 Best Social Media Tools You Should Start Using

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We selected here 35 social media tools you should add to your arsenal of online marketing tools. Most of these tools are specifically targeted to add functionality and ease your work with the social media accounts you manage, while others are not specially created for managing social media, but they can help you a lot and improve your workflow considerably.