30 Free Icons Sets That You Must Have

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Icons are a necessity when building a website or an app. They’re used practically everywhere and for different reasons. Some designers use them for aesthetical reasons, while others use them for more practical ones. The hamburger menu icon, for example, is up to a certain point used for practical reasons, thanks to its familiarity.

The Fontabulous Font Bundle: 76 Awesome Fonts

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This month we have another awesome font bundle offer from – and this time it is their biggest bundle ever. The Fontabulous Font Bundle contains a total of 76 beautiful, professional fonts with a sale price of just $29 for all fonts (yes – this is not a typo: $29 for all 76, which translates to just about 30 cents per font). This deal expires on December 1, 2015, so there is not much time left to act on it.

IPad Pro 32 GB Giveaway – Do You Get Paid Less Than Other Web Designers?

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Line25 have teamed up with Nimbus Hosting to find out the average salary of web designers.

We’ll be producing an Infographic that takes a look to see how salaries differ by location, age and experience, allowing you to see if you’re being paid what you’re worth.

Sounds interesting and want to take part? We’ll also be giving away a brand new 32GB WiFi iPad Pro to one survey entrant (you can pick the colour!).