Web Design Showcase: Heavy Background Textures

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While the flat design trend is getting more and more popular not everyone is constructing their website designs with solid pastel colours. Textures are great for giving your designs a realistic tactile feeling and range from the use of subtle noise to full on material scans. This post showcases those sites that take texture use to the max and use heavy wood, leather and concrete style textures to add impact to their designs.

Austin Eastciders

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Fair State Brewing Cooperative

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David Murray

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Big Bend Brewing Company

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Poogan’s Porch Restaurant

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Wild Blue

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Oatiful Porridge Pots

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Inspire Conference

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Fine Goods

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Joe’s Garage

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CREMA Coffee Brewtique

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Jacksonville Art Walk

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Hugs For Monsters

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East African Bakery

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Designer Founders

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Jib Strategic Inc.

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Insomnia Coffee Company

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Andolini’s Pizza Food Truck

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Cascade Brewery Co

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Pointless Corp

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Paid to Exist

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APEMAN boards

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Marc Thomas

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Roxanne Cook

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Italio Kitchen

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Arkleus Broadcasting, Inc.

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Collins on Pine

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • SAP Calculations

    it is really a brilliant idea about Heavy Background Textures and website designs with solid pastel colours, it is so much helpful for all web designers and especially a good tutorial for web designing learners. so much helpful post with good designed images and backgrounds. I really appreciate.

  • Radoslav Holan

    Thank you for showing up our website, Chris. It is my honor we can participate in such nice selection!

  • Joefrey Mahusay

    Really nice collection. Thanks for sharing Chris! :)

  • Troy McGinnis

    Awesome showcase, Chris.

    How do you feel about texturized backgrounds and this push to flat design? I’ve seen a few websites do it (like from your showcase) but what is your stance on this?


  • Michael – Website Design Naperville

    Thanks for the list. All of them are a real nice choice for textured backgrounds. My favorite one was probably the Hugs For Monsters. I thought that was really cool and different. It really stood out to me.

  • Roxanne Cook

    Sweet list and thanks for featuring my site!

  • Tom Durkin

    Great examples as usual, lots of inspiration here, thanks! :)

  • John Lewis

    These shared website background textures are really creative and unique. I personally like these tow background textures “Fair State Brewing Cooperative and East African Bakery”. Especially Fair State Brewing Cooperative one is very attractive this wooden background is unique one and it can easily get attention of all users and visitors.

  • Stefan

    Fantastic showcase of beautiful designs. I really love to get inspiration from other designers how they use their imagination to achieve something breathtaking like these examples. Thanks for sharing this with us

  • Adrian

    Nice roundup, Chris, it’s a refreshing break from the solid color flat-frenzy. Here’s another textured one for the list:

  • graphic design girl

    love love this collection..very inspirational..thank you very much for putting this list together.:)

  • Hire Drupal Developers

    Wow.. great designer websites, Looks very interesting. thanks for sharing here..

  • Latvian Hosting

    this collection Really nice ! Thank you :)

  • Robert Grace

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  • Stefan Boehler

    hi cris, the Wild Blue is amazing, thanks so much

  • Validation Ninja

    Great article showcasing textures, I especially like the Theory design.

  • Web Design Malaysia

    i like what i see on Big Bend’s!

    Thanks for the great compilation.

  • Danny Nevill

    I’m sure that i’m the same as everyone that has everyone commented in saying that high quality textures truly make a website ‘unique’. This article shares great examples of how powerful textures are in web design

  • Chris Blake Jones

    Great background textures! Thanks for sharing.