Web Design Trend Showcase: Rockets & Spaceships

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Yep, that’s right – Rockets! Probably one of the most obscure mini-trends, but one that’s developed a fair number of examples. Rockets and spaceships are appearing in a range of website designs and layouts, let’s take a look at some examples and find out where we can find some free rocket/spaceship graphics of our own.

Jeff Sarmiento

Rockets in web design


Rockets in web design

Frenzy Labs

Rockets in web design

Base6 Design

Rockets in web design

45royale Inc

Rockets in web design


Rockets in web design

Paper Launcher

Rockets in web design


Rockets in web design


Rockets in web design

Sean Geng

Rockets in web design

RK Launcher

Rockets in web design


Rockets in web design

Mozilla Labs Jetpack

Rockets in web design

Download your own rockets and spaceships

There’s a bunch of cool rocket and spaceship graphics available for free on the web, here’s a roundup of various stock images, icons and general graphics. Be sure to check out the premium stock websites for plenty more resources

To the Moon Icon Set

Free rockets graphic

Space Rocket Photoshop Tutorial

Free rockets graphic

Rocket Stock Illustration

Free rockets graphic

Space Rocket Stock Illustration

Free rockets graphic

Rocket Stock Illustration

Free rockets graphic

Retro Rocket Stock PSD

Free rockets graphic

Create a Simple Spaceship

Free rockets graphic

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Abrishca Digital Media

    It’s amazing how you don’t even notice small things like that, and then they become a trend!

    I wonder what else is out there?

  • Marco

    Nice roundup Chris! I really like rocket/spaceships (who doesn’t?), and I see them too often popping up more and more on the web.

    Really like the “fat-rocket” from RK Launcher. Also, nice article by “zooming in” the rockets!

    Keep up the great work :)!

  • Callum Chapman

    So many rockets! I love the paperlauncher milk carton one, nice stuff!

  • Garry Aylott

    Love this article. It’s amazing how trends like this go under the radar for a while then explode.

    We’ll probably see a lot more of these popping up over the next year.

    Great write up as always Chris.

  • Pradeep CD

    I have seen same post somewhere else…

    great list…

  • Tom Kenny

    Here’s another one: (scroll to the top).

    • Chris Spooner

      Brilliant, added it to the list!

  • Kate Nickerson

    Nice. I like the overly simple one best (last on the list). I’m a fan of abstractions :) I remember seeing a lot of rockets outside of the web recently, like on shirts and stuff.

  • Isabelle
  • grazz

    My blog has rockets and spaceships too!

    Here it is:

  • Ryan Scherf

    Thanks for the feature of Frenzy Labs!

  • Andy Feliciotti

    seems like a pretty crazy trend… but now I know!

  • Kamrul

    Spaceship! Yes. I wanna have one, a real one. A nice dream and a ….. Why it can’t be a trend? Wonderful thinking.

  • hade

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  • katty

    nice round up. and nice blog

  • Sara

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that it’s also the 40th anniversary of the Apollo mission to the moon. Maybe all that buzz about space travel has helped encourage this trend.

  • Blagoj

    This article “rocks” :D

  • cornelius rankin

    add one to the list…

  • David Perel

    Excellent point Chris. I never really noticed rockets as a trend but looking now, its clear as day that they are ‘out there’…

  • Declan

    I am learning how to use Illustrator properly so with some inspiration from this article, I decided to have a quick go at creating a vector of a rocket:

    Feel free to use if anyone wants.

  • T-Law

    Great collection ;)

  • Jan

    The sites look fun! Great roundup, Chris!

  • Steve Morris

    Rockets always look good and spark the imagination

  • Rofikul Islam Shahin

    Amazing! I really loved the milk carton ones!

  • Nora Reed

    Space and rockets is a great theme. It seems to be used a lot in website designs. I have often noticed a lot of starry night backgrounds. They are overdone, but they do always look great so it makes sense.

  • Sneh | LBOI Blog

    Nice collection of websites there Chris! The rockets seem to fit in with the whole retro trend that seems to be doing the rounds.

  • Website Design

    That was simply the best post . I will keep visiting your blog so keep them coming


  • catherine

    This is such an interesting website.I really loved the pictures.The rocket pictures are attractive.It is a nice website to browse through.

  • Gopal Raju

    Here goes another list!

    Gopal Raju

  • WP Revenue

    Very nice collection of rockets!

  • Rob Hawkes

    Hey Chris, thanks for including my website (Rawkes) on the list.

    You may be interested in another rocket type logo I made for a recent project of mine: British Space Organisation.

  • Peter Metz

    We love the rockets. Have a huge collection of vintage and repro in our lobby. Good to others share the love..

  • Dmitri Joukov

    Thanks Chris for mentioning us! Here at Turbomilk we like to be in the trend. Hope next trend will be strange vegetables. New project is being launched soon. Stay tuned.

    Thanks once again.

  • Web Templates

    Wow, what a unique idea. I love it.

  • Diane

    Hi, nice collection, I´m working in a rocket illustration, and this is very helpful. Chris.

  • designium

    nice rocket´s :D helpful inspiration post….ty Chris :D

  • web banner design

    unique designs. thanks for having this. it gives me idea of what to do.

  • Jonny

    i love these :)

  • RileySummerlin

    I really like the “old school” rocket look that has come back in style. The rockets remind me of something you might find on a ’60s board game box or toy packaging. Very cool!