The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design

The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design
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We’ve seen the use of solid colors increase through the adoption of the flat design trend, but these hues are becoming increasingly vibrant following the release of iOS7 and the colorful iPhone 5C. Dazzling RGB colors are becoming more popular in the latest website designs, with saturation levels at an all-time high. This post rounds up a collection of over 20 great examples of the growing trend of supersaturated background colors in web design.



Apple has a nice design that can be your next source of inspiration thanks to the way it uses flat colors.



Check out this great example that uses flat colors in its design. Have a look at Mud’s website!

Connect Mania

Connect ManiaPin

Connect Mania has a friendly interface design that uses flat colors and flat graphic elements in an eye-catching way.



And if you liked the previous example you will definitely love this one. Check out this website’s flat design.

Design Week Portland

Design Week PortlandPin

This website focuses on presenting an event which takes place in Portland every year through a flat and minimalist design.



If you like using shapes and mixing bold colors in flat design then you might want to have a look at this example. Have a look at this example and find your inspiration.

Transformation Projects

Transformation Projects Pin

This is yet another good example of a website that uses flat design in a creative way. It mixes colors and typography to create a modern and functional web design. It is definitely an example worth following!

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy Pin

If you are looking for a nice way to mix flat design with minimalism, this website might be a great source of inspiration for you. Have a look and see if this is what you had in mind!


Mixd Pin

Let’s continue the series of good flat design in websites with MIXD. This company focuses on building beautiful websites and their’s proves their vast experience in this line of work.



Cyclemon’s website uses flat colors in its web design layout. It is definitely an example worth following in future projects.


Portfolio of Cole Pin

This is yet another good example of mixing flat colors with minimalist design. Have a look at this product designer’s website and find your inspiration.

Made Together

Made TogetherPin

This is yet another good example that can be a great source of inspiration for future projects. It has a simple flat color as a background, a neutral typeface which presents some content about the company and mixes some simple shapes in its design.

Kick Point

Kick Point Pin

This is a much more detailed example of flat design. You might also want to check out the graphic elements it uses and that cool menu bar.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

Freshly Roasted CoffeePin

If you are a fan of coffee or you are simply looking for a good source of flat design inspiration, this might be the example you have been looking for. Have a look and see if this is what you had in mind.

Do a backflip

Do a backflipPin

This is yet another good example that might become your next source of inspiration. Have a look at this example and see how this website’s design mixes flat colors in different ways.



This example uses flat colors in a creative and animated way. It also has a cool preloader. Have a look at this example and find your inspiration.



IF you liked the previous examples then you will definitely love this one, and the ones yet to be seen. Have a look at PACE and the way it combines graphic elements such as the huge typography in its header.Its amazing flat design is worth having a closer look at as it might be a great source of inspiration for your future projects.



Heikopaiko is yet another good example of using flat colors in your design. A simple background might seem dull in some cases but when you combine it with the right graphic elements, you’ll definitely see improvements.

Fhoke Studio

Fhoke Studio Pin

Fhoke Studio has an amazing flat design. This example mixes colors, typography and graphic elements and manages to make an eye-catching design.

Octave & Octave

Octave & Octave Pin

If you are looking for some more creative ideas of using flat design, then have a look at this example. See how this website mixes doodles with flat design and find inspiration for your project!

Bark PR

Bark PRPin

This website presents a public relations company and their website uses flat design to present their business. The website uses yellow as the main background color and the first thing a visitor sees when accessing the page. It also has so cut-out shapes that make you think about connections, relations etc. This is a great way of presenting a company.

Flat WordPress Theme

Flat WordPress ThemePin

This example has a friendly web design layout that mixes different flat colors in its design. This is definitely an example worth following in future projects!

Petra Sell

Petra Sell Pin

Last but not least, this an UI designer and consultant’s website and it uses flat colors in its design. Have a look!

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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  1. Ganho Dinheiro says:

    I quite like Flat Design.

  2. Guilherme de Bortoli says:

    I love flat design!

  3. Paul says:

    Nice colours and great designs! Simple but effective.

  4. CroatiaBoy says:

    Getting soooooooo tired of flat design.

    Any time something that is easy to recreate/copy that looks good comes around it gets incredibly overused.

    Flat design is the web 2.0 style that got equally played out.

  5. Jon Schear says:

    I love the flat, simplistic look. It can make a website really stand out as elegant.

    However, since this is becoming a trend, I imagine we’ll see an influx of it the likes of Flash websites.

  6. Brandon says:

    I agree with Paula…I believe Apple started the trend with their simple modern look.

    But great examples listed above!

  7. Paula Beardsley says:

    You could say that the Apple company is a trend setter what with their top of the line operating systems and gadgets that make people go gaga. Anyway, these are fabulous designs. When better to have them than now when the holiday season is just around the corner.

  8. adam says:

    I’m a front-end dev for the eCommerce company, AmeriCommerce, and to celebrate the launch of our new admin we threw together a fun landing page targeting web insiders that falls inline with a lot of the examples given here.

    Check it out:

  9. Ilse says:

    I quite like Flat Design. It is clean and fresh and just looks great to me. “Less is more”….

  10. Tyler Herman says:

    Getting soooooooo tired of flat design.

    Any time something that is easy to recreate/copy that looks good comes around it gets incredibly overused.

    Flat design is the web 2.0 style that got equally played out.

  11. Calgary Web Developers says:

    I love the pink iphone! :)

  12. Subharanjan says:

    After update to iOS7 (flat UI) I often get confused with the icons and its functionality.

  13. Dweb3d says:

    definitely a cool look very hand with html5, share the examples are examples of successful designs

  14. Web hosting says:

    Nice designs, coolors are awwsome! New colors new brand ;)

  15. Kim says:

    This seems to be the new trend and I find myself incorporating these themes into most of my designs. It is simple and modern! Love it!

  16. Saje Dennis says:

    It is true that more and more designers are now using RGB colors with high saturation levels as opposed to the solid colors that were being used before. The websites featured in this post are great examples of how one can use these colors to achieve great results.

  17. manojsitosys says:

    awesome and useful article….
    Web Design Company

  18. Weight Loss Tips says:

    Nice information abut The Rising Trend of Bright Flat Colors in Web Design, thanks for sharing such a wonderful tip, it is so much helpful for me.

  19. Jerralyn Tanoc says:

    Wow, the bright colors are all wisely used. We all know that bright colors is a big “No” “No” in web design. However, since flat design became trends, it breaks the rules but resulted to more interesting designs. Thank you for sharing this.

  20. michael meininger says:

    They all look so alike. And I agree that Apple was very late to the game, but Apple’s brand is so strong that they can do nearly anything and fanbois will eat it like candy.

    My real question is…
    Was “flat” design initially created from lack of creativity from developers or did people really start to idolize simple Scandinavian designs..?

  21. Kalpesh Panchal says:

    I agree with this, even i have started using the flat design concept now. It’s the latest ongoing trend. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. name it, all are moving ahead with this idea of flat design and people love it.

  22. PSD says:

    Very good collection here. I love the way apple has done their new iPhone 5C website.

  23. Ryan says:

    I’ve been messing around with some flat design ideas for my portfolio, but I’ve been having trouble with the same thing: the colors. It’s hard to find the right color where it compliments the content well and doesn’t drown it out. has some set ones that work alright, been trying to integrate some of those.

  24. Maria says:

    It really is a rising trend (thanks to Apple) but I guess it’s really difficult for a designer to use it right. It’s easy to “hurt” the viewers eye if one doesn’t use the correct colors.

    Most of the examples in your post look really beautiful and also use “easier on the eye” colors on the rest of their page to help the viewer read more comfortably.

    But a couple are too “rough” I think. Especially when you scroll their pages.

    • anasbin says:

      i think they are visually beautiful and elegant ..but i dont think you can use it for more time, coz it really hurt your eyes…!!

    • Louie says:

      Not that it matters, but this has been happening way before apple decided to go flat. One could easily say, they are late in the game.

    • Tom Chapman says:

      This is one time that Apple hasn’t been on the forefront. I think Microsoft (This time LOL) really made this trend popular. Apple is just now catching up.

      You’re right about it being difficult to get just right… I’ve had some trouble with it, which amazed me – because it seems so simple (some people equate simple to easy…me included I guess)

      Then I just started thinking “Easter colors!” – nice soft pastels all over the place, and then it doesn’t hurt my eyeballs :P

    • Jay says:

      Actually you should thank Microsoft for popularizing it. Flat, content not chrome design was started with Microsoft’s Metro design language.

  25. NedKamburov says:

    How do you find these websites? I mean you knew some of them but not all I guess? Or am I wrong?

  26. Michi says:

    could you tell me how you collect and upload the Screenshorts to your blog? Do you have a specific workflow or a special program?


    • tyok says:

      do print screen (press print screen on the keyboard) for windows and paste in PhotoShop (create new doc ctrl + N and ctrl + V) or ms paint, save it.

      For mac do with ctrl +shift + 4. paste in photoshop.

      upload to your web.

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