Line25 Sites of the Year: The Best Designs of 2012

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Every week of 2012 I’ve showcased the best website designs I’ve come across during my every day web browsing. This special end of year post features the best of the best, pulling together the awesomest designs from all 2012 Sites of the Week posts into one showcase of super cool designs. Which design was is your favourite?


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The Soup Peddler

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Simon Foster

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Daniel Filler

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Milwaukee Police News

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Playground Inc.

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Everlovin’ Press

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Matthew Carleton

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By Association Only

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Joyce

    Nice collection! Momentum, Theory and Mosaic are my absolute favorites in this list.

  • Simon Jennings

    My favs are Telly (what a great domain too!) and Mosaic. Not sure about the font used on Paper though…

    • Jeffrey

      Agreed Telly is my favorite! Very smooth and clean

  • Kevin Oliveira

    What a great collection, Chris, this was the year 2012 where he began a new internet, with discoveries of new technologies and more people interacting, I hope that this also happens in 2013 and more. Hug and a happy new year to you and your entire family.

    • Kevin Oliveira

      Oh yeah, and my favorite was the Paper.

  • HC

    I challenge WordPress designers to design templates and sites that do not look like WordPress.

  • Sunny

    I don't understand how "Momentum" is on the list…I mean it does not have a great design, no great colors, no great images, its just some normal website which can be found on themeforest!!

    • Sunny

      By website I mean the website design..

    • Oli

      The theme on theme forest is a copy of our site ;)

  • Liam


  • SDGSteve

    Everlovin' Press; it's the only one which is actually designed rather than relying entirely on a nice splash image with some minimal text, it's all a bit WordPress.

  • Matt

    Great collection and thanks for including the page to the list!

  • beijing graphic designer

    These designs are absolutely incredible. I have two of them my favorite, those are Mosaic and Telly.

  • Anish Joshi

    Think Quazar is defiantly my favourite out of this list, great choices though!

  • Krishna

    lovin' the collection!…Each one has something different about it.. cant seem to pick a favourite!

  • matthew carleton

    Hey Thanks for including my site in this list of amazing designs.

  • Andy Hartwell

    Some really slick sites right there, so very honoured to be in the list. Nice one Chris!

  • Ray

    My favorite was Matthew Carleton's.
    Great list! This ought to keep me busy for awhile.

  • Stephen Gracia

    Nice collection! Momentum, Theory and Mosaic square measure my absolute favorites during this list.<a href="; rel="nofollow"> web page development </a> professional web designers

  • George M. Bluth

    So you're telling me I just need to add a full-page background image to my site to get on to this list?

  • Directions

    I think two of them don't need to be in the list.

  • SEO beneet

    Creo que estos son sitios atractivos, para clientes especificos, sin pensar mucho en el posicionamiento web u otras cuestiones SEO.

  • Hassan Azam

    THanks for the collection of Nice Dzines!

    Very impressive

  • rosylee

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