20 Awesome Animated Freebies For Developers

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Here is a great, hand-picked selection of 20 awesome animated freebies you should download! These are beautifully created elements made by experienced designers and are available for free. You can use them for both website and mobile apps projects. If you are looking for professional-looking animated items to enhance your projects, here you will surely find what you need. These animated freebies can be used for buttons, icons, and other web or app elements, to add some interaction and dynamism to your designs.

These animated freebies are perfect for UI designs, fonts, buttons, maps, calendars, music apps, graphs, and more. Take a look at all of them, select your favorites and use them today!

Button Animation 

This is an amazing button animation that is available to download for free. Take a look at its full features and use it in your projects.


[Framer] Map Concept 0.2

This is a great design resource that was created by Martin Halík. It has a beautiful dark layout with animated elements.


Payment Flow free Psd+Sketch+AE

This is a nice animated item that is available for free. It comes in both PSD and Sketch formats and it is ideal for app designs with a payment feature.


Material-ish Style Loader

Material-ish Style Loader is a neat freebie that you can download and use for free. It has a simple design and it will look beautiful on your website.


Lock – Unlock framer animation

Lock – Unlock is a great animation with a minimalistic design. It was created by Alex Pronsky and it is available for free. As far as we can tell, its license is Unknown.


Be amazing Open Source Component

This open source component is an excellent freebie designed by Anna Gerasymenko. Take a look at its full features and use it.


Like animation Framer

Like Animation Framer is a free animation freebie that will look excellent on websites or mobile apps. It has a sleek design and lovely animations. Enjoy!


Space Things

Space Things animated freebie is available for you to download. This great freebie was designed by Abhinav Chhikara.


Pokémon Hamburger Menu – Rebound / Freebie

Pokémon Hamburger Menu was designed by Yup Nguyen. It is a neat animation element that you can definitely use for your Pokemon-inspired projects.


After Effects Freebie – UI Parallax Image Cell

This After Effects freebie is a UI parallax image cell that was designed by Shaun OBeirne. It has a beautiful design and it is available for free.


Aquatico Free Animated Font

Aquatico is a free animated font. This is a great animated item that was created by Dan Palmer. It is a useful freebie that will make your projects more lively.


Touch ID scan Framer Freebie

Touch ID Scan Framer is an excellent animated item that was created by Alex Pronsky. This freebie has a beautiful and simple design that will look amazing on your mobile devices.


Tap animations – FREEBIE

Here is a cool set of tap animations, ideal for mobile apps. This is a lively animated design resource that you can download for free. Take a look at all the animations in this set, choose your favorites and use them in your projects.


DAY 001 with Framer Studio by Farid Sabitov

Check out this animated element created by Farid Sabitov. It has a beautiful design and it will look amazing on your projects.


Ritter App – Sketch & Principle Freebie

Ritter App is a neat animated element created by Sergey Bykov that is available for free. This comes with Sketch and Principle files. Enjoy!


Graph Principle Freebie

This is a beautifully animated graph design resource that was created by Alex Pronsky using Principle. Take a look!


Audio Player Principle Freebie

Check out this audio player freebie created with Principle. This is a wonderful animation freebie that you can use for mobile apps. It has a beautiful design and it will definitely be useful in your future projects.


Webshop UI/UX experiments

Webshop UI/UX experiments is a free animated design resource that was created by Remco Bakker and it is available to download for free.


Calendar View — Material Design

Calendar View is a nice free Material design element with an animated design that was created by Jardson Almeida. This freebie is available for free.


Workout Summary

Workout Summary is an amazing animated item that was created by Hanna Jung. It is a great element that you can download for free and use it in both web and app projects.


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