20 Free Web Icon & Glyph Packs for Your UI Designs

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Constructing icons is one of the most time consuming tasks when working on a web or interface design, but thankfully there’s loads of fantastic ready made icon packs being shared for free by generous designers. This post rounds up over 20 free web icon and glyph packs all featuring a range of monochrome symbols to represent various actions and objects.

Free 16px Retina Icons by Visual Idiot

Download the icon pack

Geomicons by Brent Jackson

Download the icon pack

44 Shades of Free Icons by Victor Erixon

Download the icon pack

Other Icons by Luboss Volkov

Download the icon pack

MimiGlyphs by Sallee Design

Download the icon pack

Batch Icons by Adam Whitcroft

Download the icon pack

Gemicon by Turqois

Download the icon pack

Bijou by Visual Idiot

Download the icon pack

Mini Glyphs by Julian Leiss

Download the icon pack

12px Glyphs by Facundo Gonzalez

Download the icon pack

Pixel Perfect Icons by Thom van der Weerd

Download the icon pack

Free Icon Set by Joe Prince

Download the icon pack

Free Shopping Icons by Virgil Pana

Download the icon pack

105 Loops by Pranav

Download the icon pack

Agile Toolkit Icon Set by Mayack

Download the icon pack

Free Icons Set by Brankic1979

Download the icon pack

Chunky Pika Icon Set by Dutch Icon

Download the icon pack

Linecons by Designmodo

Download the icon pack

160 Tiny Icons by Monsters’Lab

Download the icon pack

28.7 Icons by Kipyatok

Download the icon pack

Freecns by Yanlu

Download the icon pack

Freecns 1.1 by Yanlu

Download the icon pack

Free Ui Icons by Pausrr

Download the icon pack

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  1. Web Design Mansfield says:

    Wow, was hoping this wasn’t an april fools xD

    -Urban Squid

  2. Dheeraj says:

    Thanks for these great icons to collect in one place. Really appreciate your blog post

  3. Amir Sattar says:

    thanks :) i’ll use these icons in my next project ^_^

  4. Thanks for awesome collections of icons. Found some interesting icons which i am gonna use in my future projects :)

  5. Thanks, Chris. It has been Faved.

  6. Gloria says:

    Wow, amazing!!

  7. J.C. Francis says:

    Amazing selection. Thank you!

  8. John says:

    Excellent resource! This has been bookmarked and shared. Thanks!

  9. Thanks Chris for this good collections – I wanted also to share a couple of free & commercial icon sets
    They┬┤re all hand-drawn :)

  10. Sonny says:

    These indeed are great monochromatic and glyph icons for freebies! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tantan says:

    Thanks the great list Chris, it’s truly awesome :) love it

  12. Blue Hand says:

    Hey Chris Great Work!
    m loving it!

  13. Chris M. says:


    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing…

    Sorry for the somewhat unrelated question here, but what is the plugin you are using to display the social “like” buttons at the bottom of your posts?

    Thanks again!

  14. Erik says:

    Some great icons in there, thanks!

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