Posts from 2012

Web Design Trend Showcase: Blurred Backgrounds

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Along with large background photos in general, blurred background images are becoming increasingly popular in web design. The addition of the blur not only creates a cool effect, it also puts focus on the main content, avoiding any legibility problems than can occur when text is overlaid over a detailed image. This post rounds up a collection of great looking website designs all sporting a blurry background.

Create a TV Screen 404 Page with Clever CSS Tricks

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I’m currently working through a redesign of my SpoonGraphics blog and wanted to create something fancy for its 404 page. I decided to have a go at coding up a full screen retro TV screen filled with animated static noise, upon which I could display the usual 404 text and relevant links. Follow the step by step design process of the final 404 page and learn how a bunch of clever little CSS tricks helped transform the idea into reality.

25 Web Designs with Modular Content Block Layouts

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The grid based content block layout has become popular for many types of website, especially portfolios and inspiration ‘pinning’ sites. These sites have a series of tiling blocks that fill the page, often in a kind of modular format where they rearrange themselves depending on the viewport size. This post rounds up a collection of 25 cool website designs that all feature a modular style content block layout.