Posts from November, 2012

Which Responsive Frameworks are Designers Using?

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All the mathematics involved in creating a responsive website design can be exhausting and time consuming, but thankfully there’s a range of responsive frameworks available that make the process quick and easy. These frameworks or boilerplates have all the complicated grids, layouts and media queries in place ready for you to add your own design and markup. Here’s a roundup of the most popular frameworks currently being used by designers.

How to Create Retina Graphics for your Web Designs

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The more products Apple releases, the more widespread Retina displays become. So far we have Retina capable iPhones, iPods, iPads and MacBooks of various sizes, which together make up a pretty substantial audience. Let’s take a look at how you can create special retina graphics for your website so your design looks crisp, sharp and clear on those powerful screens.

Web Design Trend Showcase: Blurred Backgrounds

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Along with large background photos in general, blurred background images are becoming increasingly popular in web design. The addition of the blur not only creates a cool effect, it also puts focus on the main content, avoiding any legibility problems than can occur when text is overlaid over a detailed image. This post rounds up a collection of great looking website designs all sporting a blurry background.