Posts from January, 2012

Showcase of Inspiring Space Themed Web Designs

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Outer space scenes aren’t the most popular design style in the world of web design but it’s always exciting to see a fresh cosmic themed design hit the galleries. This post rounds up a collection of the best space themed website designs, mixing in some of the popular classics from a few years ago with some newer examples. Each one features some kind of galactic mix of stars, planets and intense lighting effects.

20 Examples of Subtle Texture Use in Web Design

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Textures are used in web design to avoid the cold/fake/digital appearance of flat solid colours, to instead add an element of realism and that sense of something real. You don’t have to go full-on with concrete, paper or wood textures to achieve this though, just adding a subtle overlay of dust or noise can really enhance your design to give that tactile appearance. This post showcases 20 inspiring examples of website designs that perfectly achieve that realistic feeling with the help of subtle textures.