Posts from October, 2011

How To Create Repeating Texture & Pattern Images

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Repeating background images are safest method of styling up your website background other than a plain old CSS background color. Websites are viewed in all types and sizes of browser these days, so a repeating background ensures the whole of the user’s screen will be filled with your design, unlike a static image that can often end up being cropped off or lost in a sea of flat colour. Let’s take a look at how seamless or repeating textures and patterns can be created in Photoshop.

19 High Quality Responsive WordPress Themes

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Responsive websites are definitely the hottest thing right now with almost every notable website redesign featuring some kind of adaptable layout for various browser and media sizes. Responsive designs are also creeping into the WordPress theme marketplace as the latest designs are conforming to this new standard. This post pulls together 19 of the most high quality WordPress themes with a responsive layout.