Posts from March, 2009

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

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The web design blog is finally live, and to celebrate there is a bunch of top notch prizes up for grabs as part of the Line25 Launch Party, making up a combined worth of over $700! It doesn’t take much to get involved, just help spread the word of and you will you be put straight in the running for the prize draw!

The Harsh Truth About Life as a Designer

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Life as a designer is great right? You spend the day doing what you love, producing creative design material for big name brands and seeing your work being admired around the town in the form of ads, leaflets or even as a website. People hire you for your experienced knowledge of white space, composition, typography and colour theory, then put the image of their company entirely in your hands to work your magic and put the years of training into practice. In reality things often don’t go quite smoothly, here are 5 comedy videos that show the harsh truth about real life as a designer.

25 Examples of Creative Paper Use in Web Design

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The use of paper and card textures in website design gives a low-fi appearance with a rough cut-and-paste and unpolished style. This hand crafted look works wonders with web design, adding a personal and informal feeling to the design. Check out this collection of 25 of the best examples for your inspiration.

How To Add Custom Bookmark Links to WordPress

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There are plenty of plugins available for WordPress that quickly and easily add a range of social links to the bottom of your blog posts. These are great if you don’t mind sticking with the original markup and styling that comes with the plugin, but if you’re building your own theme you might want to play close attention to the details and creat your own custom set of bookmarking links. Let’s take a look at how we can write our own XHTML markup into our theme file, add the functionality to posts the URL and title of the article and style up the links exactly how we’d like.